Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Shiny, Shiny, Shiny!!

My VersaStyle pieces came! Hooray! These 3 pieces I purchased for myself and I love, Love, LOVE them!!! They are so shiny and pretty. Check out the VersaStyle clasp. PEOPLE! This is going to change the way we wear jewelry. Get on the bandwagon and mark my words. THIS. IS. GOING. TO BE. HUGE. Plain and simple.

See the clasp? I will get a better photo on here. That ingenious little design is it! Love this rose gold. (not a great picture - apologies)

Don't mind my granny hands in this photo. Isn't this ring so breathtaking?! Once I put it on I couldn't stop looking at it. I love it!

Silver Dream. That's the name of this piece. It really is a dream. This goes with EVERYTHING and can be worn so many different ways. YUM!

Monday night, spur of the moment, I went to a training meeting put on by my Mialisia National Director and was able to meet Sean and Annelise Brown, the President, CEO and creator of this amazing line. Annelise is so amazing! She started this all on her own, because she liked jewelry and wanted something unique, that could be worn several ways. You truly get the value out of this jewelry! The training offered lots of great points on how to build my business. If anyone is looking for a way to make some extra money or maybe you want your life to be different, like me, this is for you! I cannot WAIT until I'm doing this full time and am able to be home with my boys, working my own hours, setting my own schedule.

Speaking of, it is possible to work less than 200 hours a year and make over $100K doing this. The commission plan is extremely aggressive and generous. I'm telling you, seriously consider it. You can email me, contact me on FB or leave a comment below. My kit should be here within a week. I am already booking events for September. Hosting an event is a great way to get free jewelry and amazing discounts! If you want to book, leave me a note here with your info and I will reach out to you! I would LOVE to meet you and help you host a fashion event! So fun!!

Thanks again for the continued love and support from my family, friends and followers.

Independent Founding Designer

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